Welcome to my portfolio page!

I am Robert, an automotive and industrial designer from Germany. On Rubidesign you will find some information about me and worksamples from my portfolio. Besides my job in the automotive industry I am working as a design-freelancer. The following services are parts of my design workflow. If you need assistance for your projects, feel free to contact me. portfolio Robert Hahn

Design thinking

Creating new solutions and ideas for your projects. Design concept development based on existing guidelines, analysis and specifications.

Design implementation

Creating emotional designs in an iterative process based on the design thinking phase and in close contact with the customer for direct Feedback.


Capturing the evoling design through rendering, 3d-concept modelling, surfacing and visualization in the deveolpoment stages to the final result and the finished product illustration.

Design Portfolio samples

Here you can see some selected work samples. I mainly work in the fields of transportation design, industrial design and photography. Please click on the respective project picture to open the project. The works are either private-, semester- or approved official projects.

Next Generation Car IUV-Portfolio Cover
Next Generation Car IUV
Audi GTHR-Portfolio cover
Kolibri R14-Portfolio Cover
Kolibri R14
SmartSharing 2025-Portfolio cover
SmartSharing 2025
Photography-Portfolio cover
EU-Live-Portfolio cover
EU-Live Micromobility

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