Logo smartsharing 2025

The Smart CityFlex carsharing concept for the year 2025 is a single-seater vehicle, which not only offers a new vehicle shape due to the adjustable roof element, but also two different driving modes. In normal driving mode, the vehicle is closed and can accommodate a small luggage case. It is therefore ideal for quick shopping, sightseeing tours or driving from the airport or train station to your home. The second mode is an open vehicle condition, transforming the Smart into a buggy for the big city, which offers plenty of driving pleasure in good weather and a new, open driving feeling. This mode is especially useful if more storage space is required for larger luggage. To create this space, the seat moves to a more upright position. Together with the open roof it results in a larger trunk volume. To secure the luggage, there are several integrated straps in the boot floor. Due to the open vehicle roof, the maximum speed is limited to 70 km / h. In closed mode, the concept reaches a speed of 120 km / h.