The aim of the work is the development of a new attractive and forward-looking form language as part of the Next Generation Car project at the German Aerospace Center. The focus of the work was on the elaboration of the Inter Urban Vehicle concept, which is intended to reflect the new technologies, such as autonomous driving and electric mobility as well as the characteristics of an aerodynamic, futuristic and intelligent vehicle. The final long-distance vehicle is characterized by an aerodynamic, unconventional design language, inspired by the aviation sector to create a special mood of travel for the passengers. The 4.80m long carsharing vehicle is powered by a fuel-cell hybrid drive and offers space for up to four travelers. It is an alternative to the well-known long-distance means of transportation, such as airplane or train but offers a private and comfortable upper class travel experience. It is autonomously drivable and thus immediately ready for the next traveler after arriving at the desired destination.