Type: small residential apartment | Location: Berlin, Germany | Area: 55 sq.m | Year: 2021

Based on a compact floor plan, this goal was to combine practicality and open livingspace design. For this purpose, a bar was integrated into the kitchen area, which separates the living room. The hallway is supplemented with storage space and the sleeping area has a separately connected dressing room.

Apartment Layout Design Interior
Apartment Layout Room Design Interior

1 bedroom

2 bath

3 living room

4 kitchen with dining area

5 small corridor

6 dressing room 

Apartment kitchen design variations

Using the kitchen as an example, different design variations of color and surface (c&t) show the effects on the room ambience and have a significant influence on the character of the entire apartment. The perceived size of the room and the overall interior lighting are also influenced by the choise of color and material.

Apartment Berlin -living room interior design
Apartment Berlin -bed-and bathroom interior design